🐇 CHARITY RELEASE 🐇 Alright ladies this is an important one - First release to come will be one for a cause near and dear to my heart, which is raising donations for the Rabbit Runaway Orphanage based here in Victoria (@rabbitrunaway). Judi & Bryce are a lovely couple that with the help of their amazing volunteers, run a non-profit rabbit rescue that take in all kinds of dumped, surrendered, poor sweet buns and freed meat buns, including those found with medical conditions that would otherwise be put down elsewhere. They do such amazing work for these mistreated sweethearts, which, if you’ve ever had a bunny or know someone who does - they really are the best, funniest creatures with personalities far sassier and sweeter than most humans 😂 The Orphanage look after as many as they can until they find their forever homes, but as they receive no government funding they rely solely on donations by people who know they exist! Special needs and senior bunnies like sweet Baxter that I had for a short time would not have been able to continue on without all their amazing efforts. As you can imagine, these things and vet bills do not come cheaply, so the orphanage is always in need of some help, nothing is too small!
SO coming THIS SATURDAY 14TH SEPT (8PM VIC TIME) I have created a special bunny themed charity collection that will be for sale on my website, where ALL PROFITS will go towards the orphanage. As with real buns, every single one is different and unique, and there are a few different style and sizes studs, as well as some flora hoops, with the cutest gathering of bunny silhouettes on beautiful hues of pink & red 🐰🐇❤️

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