Calling all polymer clay artists and micro business hustlers! I am very excited to introduce Marli Mentoring! Known for my intricately detailed work, that attention to details doesn’t just stop at the clay — they don’t call me the detail connoisseur for nothing! There are a lot of different facets to starting and running a successful, handmade, online micro business. With multiple years experience doing so both within my own business as well as behind the scenes for many others in other creative fields, it is time to officially open the doors to mentoring! 
Whether it’s being your passionate clay bestie, advanced teacher and learning partner, pricing and business sounding board to bounce ideas off, wording editor, online / social media marketing strategist, or a friendly shoulder to be there with you through launches and navigating the ins and outs of running your own creative business #emotionalsupport, Marli Mentoring is ultimately about YOU, starting with a mentor and ending with the ultimate wing-woman for you and your creative business dreams. 

Specialist areas that we can discuss include:

Polymer clay expertise 
    Whether it’s basics and essentials or more technically advanced making within my expertise, I am here to help! A big believer in constantly learning, improving and striving for the best, I’m here to be your resource, to advise and teach all my knowledge, tips and tricks on making, mixing, curing, tools and techniques! And if I don’t know something in my field, you bet I’ll research it and come back to you, or point you in the right direction of important suppliers and resource investments to make into your business (and yourself).
      While falling under the umbrella of a lot of other listed topics here, this one gets its own point because let’s face it, in a handmade business a lot of factors come into play when we start talking about pricing! Materials, time factor, utilities, fees, quality, comparative prices and undercutting the market, are just some of the facets we will look at in depth when forming these decisions!
      Selling your creations online
        So you’ve refined your skills, you’re ready to sell, but where and how do you start when it comes to online? This can be a plethora of daunting decisions but it doesn’t have to be! Here is just some of the things I can help with:
          • Online platforms — Which one is for you? Pros and cons of different online platforms for your business (inc. Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Ebay) and setting up attractive product listings.
        Social media marketing 
          What is it, how to start, what to post and how to grow? I’ve got you covered when it comes to:
            • Creating engaging (and purposeful) content — photos and captions for instagram and facebook
            • Creating and wording ‘hype’ content for collection launches/restocks
            • Instagram stories - what, why, how? Gaining the confidence to do them and learning their benefits.
            • Understanding hashtags and analytics 
            • Growing your following organically 
          Wording assistance 
              • Creating engaging, informative content in your unique voice, hyping products and launches without overt pushiness.
              • Social media posts (instagram, facebook, emails etc)
              • Product listings 
              • Important sections of your website — home page, FAQs, returns, refunds, about us, etc. 
                • Design tips 
                • Marketing narrative (creating, defining and showcasing your brand and unique story)
              Running a successful business 
                  • Time management & organisation that works for you! (creating a custom strategy to balance a side hustle / full time biz with the other priorities in your life, as well as your own wellbeing).
                  • Customer service advice (general and specific consulting how to handle certain requests/situations)
                  • Wholesale, collaborations and giveaways — why are these three things grouped together? Because navigating the pros/cons, approaching stores and makers, being approached (and accepting or learning how to or say no - and when) all require the same skillset! The advice and skills I aim to teach you I want you to be able to apply to multiple spheres in your life and these are three areas that overlap significantly in regard to creating and keeping professional relationships while also understanding your own value!

                Who is this for, how does this work, and how much?

                Any and all polymer clay artists and creative small/micro business hustlers are more than welcome! The topics and expertise that I will share and be of assistance with skills that are completely transferrable and relatable to different crafts, experience and success levels!
                Mentoring consultations are about YOU so whether emails, DMs, voice messages, phone or video calls work best for you, I am willing to accommodate your style of communication, so that this works for you! Sessions are $45 for 30 minutes or $90 for a full hour, with discounts available for multiple advanced bookings. 

                So let's let the brain sparks fly, the smiles come to the work, and the hands keep busy with excitement! Simply fill in your details below or email, including your business & instagram details (if applicable) and what you would like to focus on for expressions of interest in Marli Mentoring opportunities!