Welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world of Marli Bean, home to the Detail Connoisseur! Intricate handcrafted polymer clay jewellery is our specialty, where a deep love for beautifully bright colour explosions and elaborate details come together to create one of a kind pieces of wearable art. 

Constantly striving to adorn your ears with uniquely beautiful treasures, our philosophy is centred around originality, creative innovation, skilful & precise quality and execution. Our designs, skillset and techniques are all important facets of our signature creative style, identifiable in all our work. Every piece is an exclusive, unique creation, carefully crafted over many hours using hand mixed custom colours and original designs, then precisely detailed & finished by hand. Open since April 2018, we are proudly a part of sustainable, slow fashion, with everything ethically and locally hand made in our studio in Melbourne, Australia. 


Detail connoisseur (a.k.a. addict) and creator behind the scenes, Marli Bean is the limitless wonderland I get to create pieces of magic and excitement in, in every spare minute I have! I’ve been creatively inclined for as long as I’ve breathed, getting swept up in the beauty of everything from watercolours to oil & acrylic paintings, embroidery, hyperrealism and portrait drawing, pastels, ceramics, well, you get the idea, if you’ve seen it, I’ve probably got it in my craft cupboard. The last one I tried was polymer clay, and I haven’t stopped since then. I love that everything right from the start is physically created in my own two hands, where you can see the progression of how it begins and develops along the way by adding different elements and details, evolving into something incredible, and better yet, wearable! 

I fell in love with wearable art & handmade jewellery because of how unique and full of life the pieces are. I was someone who struggled with feeling confident or having a sense of self, and then suddenly it was this easy way to showcase parts of my personality right there in what I wore! You instantly became more unique because you had something one of a kind, and that magical feeling completely took over and helped me find who I am. Sounds cheesy and sappy I know, but it’s that feeling, that spark, that I strive to encompass in all my pieces, so that each and every owner can feel as incredible & special as they truly are - ready to embrace every colourful & chaotic moment that comes their way! 


Jess Dickson

email: hello@marlibeandesigns.com

or direct message me on instagram - @marlibeandesigns