Just 52 weeks ago this one set of paws, a busy mind & a creative heart launched this little biz, with zero expectations, and what an amazing (to say the least) year it has been! I’ve literally put blood, sweat and tears (some caused my clumsiness) into every day of this adventure, and to say I’m constantly left speechless by how incredible you all are is an understatement! I’ve never received so much support, love, encouragement, laughs & advice from so many beautiful souls... EVER! It just doesn’t happen. And it certainly doesn’t all happen in the space of a year, all in one place, but some how it all has! So thank you. Thank you so much for helping me grow as a person and this dream! Who would’ve thought someone previously scared to order food or eat lunch at school would be eating celebratory cake alone in public at 9am and walking laps while eating because the multitasking hustle and confidence is real 😂 I’m nearly done I promise - but thank you so much to you all for every like, every conversation we’ve had, every rambling story you’ve watched. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with some of my idols and such incredible people in this community & I can’t wait to share all the ones to come. And thank you to those who have been my ranting, anxiety meltdown, and advice people - you all are just spectacular 💙
ANYWAY as a big thankyou to you all, I’ve got two little announcements to celebrate this big milestone! The first is FREE SHIPPING FOR THE WHOLE DAY (domestic orders only) - use code CELEBRATE at checkout. And the second is...... AFTERPAY! Yes! I’ve finally bit the bullet and you can now shop via afterpay on the website! Yippee! It’s something that a lot of you have wanted for a while now, so it’s the least I could do to say thankyou! There’s not a heap, but there are a few treasures still in the shop! And remember if you’d like a pair of hoops as gold petal topped dangles instead, just checkout with both, leave a note and I’ll refund the difference! Thankyou sweet beauties! Hope you all have an incredible day as amazing as you all are 💙💙💙 Love Jess & Bean

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